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Scripty2, Zepto.js, Vapor.js

Wynn caught up with Thomas Fuchs to talk about, Scripty2, Zepto.js and the future of Prototype.

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Show Notes:

  • The Magic Roundabout is crazy
  • Wynn got his UK badge on Gowalla
  • JavaScript effects framework built on top of Prototype
  • Prototype - JavaScript Framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications.
  • Thomas is one of many talented RoR core team alumni
  • Scripty2 - completely rewritten version of
  • RaphaelJS - JavaScript vector graphics library featured in Episode 0.2.5
  • Johnson Page asks “What’s the future of Prototype.js?”
  • Underscore.js utility library for jQuery, inspired by Prototype, featured in Episode 0.0.5
  • Zepto.js minimalist inlinable framework for mobile WebKit browsers, with a jQuery-like chaining syntax
  • - handy tool to pick a time to meet across time zones. A promotional site for Freckle, chock full of JavaScript best practices.
  • Thomas’ blog post on approaches taken with
  • Gury Chainable syntax wrapper for the <canvas> element
  • Vapor.js “The only JS framework compatible with every browser.”
  • MadRobby gives mad props to @janl, @hblank, @cramforce and other organizers.
  • FabJS - modular async framework for Node.js
  • Chris Williams’ talk on PromoteJS, an effort The Changelog supports.
  • Eyeballs.js - A lightweight MVC framework for building fast, tidy JavaScript web apps
  • CoffeeScript, featured in Episode 0.2.9
  • Amy Hoy, Thomas’ wife, product proponent, and usability diva.
  • Freckle helps you manage your time
  • JavaScript Performance Rocks - three books on ultimate web app performance
  • Charm Desk - Thomas and Amy tackle customer support
  • PeepCode’s Smashing into Vim with the soothing voice of Dan Benjamin
  • Mensch and Meslo, the latest stops on Thomas’ journey to find the ultimate font
  • Thomas likes to fly his AR.Drone around the office
  • He’s also building the Lego Milennium Falcon
  • SchnitzelConf a 1-day, full-contact conference in Vienna, Austria focusing on creating products, launching businesses, and charging real money.

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