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DevOps and Chef

Wynn sat down with Corey Donohoe from GitHub and Seth Chisamore from Opscode to talk about DevOps, Chef, agile infrastructure and innovation in the datacenter.

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Show Notes:

  • Corey Donahoe aka @atmos, DevOps dude at GitHub
  • Seth Chisamore aka @schisamo, evangelist at Opscode, makers of Chef
  • Chef, an open source systems integration framework built to bring the benefits of configuration management to your entire infrastructure.

DevOps is defined as a set of processes, methods and systems for communication, collaboration and integration between departments for Development (Applications/Software Engineering), Technology Operations and Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Puppet, an open source data center automation and configuration management framework.
  • Cfengine, continuous datacenter automation and repair
  • Knife, the Chef command line interface
  • Chef Hosted platform is an instant hosted, highly scalabe Chef Server
  • Chef solo lets you run Chef without a Chef server
  • Chef was architected to be multi-tenant
  • The Opscode Team members have impressive resumes.
  • Chef includes impressive role-based authorities
  • Cookbooks are like Rubygems for Chef
  • Cinderella née Cider = apple + homebrew + chef + rvm
  • Homebrew as the most forked project is GitHub’s stress test. Be sure to catch Max on Episode 0.3.5
  • Wynn makes the case that the Swedish Chef be the face of the DevOps movement
  • Silverline from Librato does complex systems management and monitoring
  • EY or EngineYard, Corey’s former employer uses VMs in their architecture
  • Simon Wardley’s OSCon keynote
  • OpenStack is an effort to standardize the cloud
  • DevOps version of the account that got Shatner back on TV
  • DevOps Borat tweets from the datacenter
  • Fog, Wesley Beary’s excellent Ruby abstraction layer for popular cloud providers
  • Knife, donated by 37 Signals
  • Wynn digs infinity_test to test against multiple versions of Ruby at the same time
  • collectd, system statistics collection daemon
  • Using Visage to graph collectd stats
  • Sign up for the Opscode platform free beta
  • Look up Seth as schisamo in #chef and #chef-hacking on IRC

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