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share and CSS Grid Frameworks

Adam and Wynn caught up with Nathan Smith from 960 Grid System to talk about web development and CSS grid frameworks.

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  • Nathan Smith – Twitter, GitHub, Website
  • Adam Stacoviak – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website
  • Wynn Netherland – Twitter, GitHub

Show Notes:

  • 960 Grid System - Nathan’s awesome CSS grid framework
  • 960’s awesome templates help you plan your layouts
  • Wynn’s new monitor setup is just plain obscene
  • 960’s fluid support from Stephen Bau
  • Episode 0.2.8 where John Resig talks about mobile web dev
  • Episode 18 of the yayQuery podcast
  • Wynn asks why Google’s AJAX API library doesn’t include the CSS frameworks
  • Nathan and Wynn are fans of Jason Santa Maria’s layout-per-post blog
  • For the non-soccer fans, a little background for Nathan’s midfielder analogy.
  • We don’t need to link to Sass do we?
  • Taco Town from SNL
  • jQuery Cookbook, to which Nathan contributed lucky Chapter 13
  • Nathan is a big Drupal fan
  • Rebecca Murphey organizer of the awesome TXJS conference
  • Textile vs. Markdown

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