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Episode 27 – Complex Kids and Technology

I would like to welcome Elaine Taylor-Klaus, PCC, CPCC. Elaine is a certified co-active coach, a public speaker, an author, an educator and the co-Founder of ImpactADHD®. An international presenter of workshops and seminars, she provides training, coaching, and support for parents at all stages of managing “complex” kids. A graduate of Wesleyan University, CT and the CORO Fellows program in New York, Elaine began her lifelong advocacy for public health serving on the Governor’s Council for Maternal and Infant Health for the state of Georgia. She has served as a parent advisor to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Quality Improvement Initiative on ADHD and as an expert for Pfizer’s Making Moments public education campaign. A volunteer on the national Board of Directors of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD), Elaine is committed to improving the lives of women and their families. The mother of 3 complex teens and young adults, she lives in Atlanta with her husband, David, their children and their 3 dogs.

Elaine speaks about her journey as a parent and how becoming a coach made such a difference in her family. We discuss how even one parent can change the whole direction of the family.

Elaine says that we are digital transplants, and our kids are digital natives. Our kids were born into this world, ready to speak the language.

Discussing the complex kids, Elaine says not only does technology offer different challenges for complex kids it also offers an incredible opportunity. The realm of technology actually becomes an equalizer for many children, where everyone is complex. They are all trying to navigate these new and interesting digital waters.

The challenges that Elaine is seeing is parents demonize the technology. Parents have a tendency to point fingers at the technology and blame it. “My kid can’t get off the screen”… Elaine says this is a change in our communication, and we have to understand what their world is so that we can approach it differently.

You don’t need to necessarily know everything abut technology to help your kids, but understanding why your kids are attracted to it, and using the skill that Elaine described as curiosity allows us to do that. Elaine tells us a great story about a mother and daughter and phones at the dinner table.

Technology can be used to keep your relationships going when your kids go off to college. Use Skype, facetime or any other way to stay in touch and keep your family dynamic going.

Respecting our kids and their worldview doesn’t mean that we don’t set limits. ~Elaine Taylor-Klaus

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