Limited Upside

A NBA podcast by two SB Nation employees that think way too much about basketball.


Celtics fans are gearing up for another run at LeBron James

Jeff Clark, the dean of Celtics blogging (and really NBA blogging as a whole) joins the show to discuss the rising power in Boston. How much of a difference will Al Horford make? Is this finally the year they light up fireworks and make a big trade? What does Isaiah Thomas do for an encore? Why are so many Celtics fans excited about Terry Rozier of all players? Plus: is Brad Stevens really a genius, and could they really push for the No. 1 seed in the East if the Cavaliers take it easy until May and June? This is the 24th of 30 podcasts previewing each team with writers from SB Nation's communities. We're going roughly in reverse win order from last year. Click this link for past episodes. Next up: the Los Angeles Clippers.


 2016-10-11  54m