The Bill Simmons Podcast

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Ep. 80: Mike Tollin

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons welcomes 30 for 30 director and Mandalay Sports Media co-chairman Mike Tollin to discuss Ben Simmons and the state of Philly sports (11:00), 'The White Shadow' (18:00), Bill's idea for 'Varsity Blues 2’ (27:00), GSW's winning culture (32:30), MLB Opening Day (38:00), the Clippers’ chances (48:30), the death of the USFL (59:00), and his greatest meeting ever, with Donald Trump (1:02:00).


 2016-03-24  1h16m