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Tales of My Father (with Jonathan Wilson)

“His memory was gone, ravaged by Alzheimer’s, but when I told him, I saw a flicker in his eyes. ’Do you remember Clough?’ I asked, talking, to be honest, for the sake of talking; he couldn’t have told me, by then, what day it was or what he’d had for lunch. ‘Of course I do,’ he snapped, and went to describe a hat-trick Clough had scored against Grimsby. Although I continued to visit every day, that was probably the last ‘proper’ conversation we had.” In Episode Two of the Blizzard Podcast we look back at one of the articles for which we have received the most feedback - Jonathan Wilson's editorial from Issue Three, in which he talks about the death of his father, and what fandom means to him. We also spoke to Jonathan after our live event in Manchester to find out a little more about the article and how it came about, whether he's getting any better at judging which pieces will generate the most reaction while he's editing each issue, and ask him for some of his highlights from Issue Eighteen. We're keen to hear your feedback on these new podcasts - email, or find us on Twitter @blzzrd. Jonathan Wilson is the editor of The Blizzard, and author of Inverting the Pyramid. He writes for the Guardian, the National, World Soccer, Fox and Sports Illustrated. He is writing a book on the history of Argentinian football. Twitter: @jonawils Issue Three, like all issues of the Blizzard, is available on a pay-what-you-like basis from Digital downloads cost as little as a 1p each (RRP £3), while print versions are available from £6 + postage (RRP £12).


 2015-09-07  15m