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Taha Yasseri: When Wikipedia Bots Fight

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host Taha Yasseri Guest Machines fighting with machines is a classic sci-fi storyline. There has long been a fascination with what happens when intelligent machines interact with one another. What if they don’t get along? My guest today, Taha Yasseri has been studying bots within Wikipedia for over a decade, and found that even when we’re talking about simple bots, sometimes they can get into complex fights. Why do they fight and how? Today on the program, we dig into bots that fight and what it all means for Wikipedia and the larger world of AI in our lives.

  • Photo Maura/Flickr BYNCND 2.0 The research article: “Even Good Bots Fight”
  • TechCrunch’s Article: “Bots are Waging Passive-Aggressive War on Wikipedia” (September 2016)
  • Cornell Creative Machines Lab: Ai vs Ai – Chat Bots Talking to Each Other (Video)


 2016-10-14  27m