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The Voice of Intuition Podcast is about the practical aspects of Intuition and how it guides you towards your very best life. You will get tips and tricks about why connecting with your intuition is so important. Plus how you can strengthen that bond in practical, everyday ways. There will be resources for you, such as meditations, intuitive readings, and flower readings. Plus you will be hearing from other spiritual professionals about how their intuition guided them to where they are now. The host Susan Jane, the Intuitist, is a published author, inspirational speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, and a multi-international business award winner who loves to share a few laughs and plenty of relevant stories while interviewing her guest. Well, more of a chat over coffee with a friend than an actual interview. Reflecting on her 40-plus years of understanding spirituality, Susan Jane will also take you through an intuitive perspective of her life experiences and what she did to get through them. This includes understanding her 20 yr emotionally abusive relationship, a near-death experience, and a violent sex attack that left her for dead in a gutter...


episode 185: 1.185 Breaking the Chains of Chronic Stress: Paving Your Path to Passion and Heart-Centred Purpose

1.185 Breaking the Chains of Chronic Stress: Paving Your Path to Passion and Heart-Centred Purpose

In episode 1.185 of the Voice of Intuition podcast, prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the powerful realm of breaking free from chronic stress. Our guest, Dr. Lynn Carey, a distinguished chiropractor and nutrition expert, brings her wealth of knowledge and life experiences to the forefront.

Chronic stress, the silent antagonist of modern life, often leaves us feeling chained and unfulfilled. Dr. Carey understands this all too well. Through her years of practice and global adventures, she's uncovered the keys to unlock the chains that bind us to stress.

In this heartfelt conversation, we'll explore how to not only alleviate chronic stress but also pave the way to a life imbued with passion and heart-centred purpose. Dr. Carey's unique insights will inspire you to take bold steps towards health, wealth, and self-expression.

Join us as we uncover the secrets to crafting the life you desire and deserve. Whether you're seeking relief from the weight of stress or yearning to ignite your inner purpose, this episode promises to be a beacon of hope and transformation. Don't miss out on this empowering conversation that could set you on the path to your most fulfilling, heart-centred life. #StressRelief #PassionAndPurpose #Empowerment #HeartCenteredLife


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 November 9, 2023  42m