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Pushing back on unconstrained capitalism

This week we’re talking with Cory Doctorow (this episode contains explicit language) about how we can get back to that “new good internet.” Cory’s new book The Internet Con offers a lens to this conversation about disenshittifying the internet through anti-trust laws, limits on corporate tweaking, regulating unconstrained capitalism, and all the ways enshittification is enabled. Cory also shares his experience recording his own audio book under the direction of Gabrielle de Cuir at Skyboat Media, and what’s to come from his next Science Fiction book The Lost Cause.

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  • Cory Doctorow – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, Website
  • Adam Stacoviak – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website
  • Jerod Santo – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn

Show Notes:

  • The Internet Con
  • The Lost Cause
  • Cory’s talk at DEF CON 31
  • Changelog Interviews #535: Examining capitalism’s chokepoints
  • Skyboat Media
  • The History of the Standard Oil Company by Ida M. Tarbell

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 November 10, 2023  1h35m