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Greg Morgan always dreamed of someday being on CJME. Growing up in the Rosemont neighbourhood, Greg’s parents had CJME playing on the radio 24/7. He grew to love radio and stints in places like Meadow Lake, North Battleford, and Lloydminster, Greg worked his way back to Regina and the afternoon show on CJME. After several years, Greg left for other opportunities, including STV, (now Global), where he was the weatherman for 10 years. For a change of pace, Greg worked in private business before winding up back in radio. He’s now come full circle, back home at 980 CJME where it all began. Now a father of two amazing daughters, Greg is thrilled to be waking Regina up with the days big stories, as well as a bit of fun and a smile. He says the only thing that could have made his return to CJME better is if his dad were still alive to hear him back on the station that he first introduced him to all those years ago.


The Greg Morgan Morning Show - Tuesday, November 21, Hour 3

James Bogusz, CEO for the YQR Aiport, joins Greg to provide an update on airport operations, how things are looking for the holiday travel season, and their announcement of a new direct flight to the US yesterday.

Xmas pothole...the new Lumsden Co-Op has a welcome to Bulyea sign next to it. Why?

What I saw at Agribition....Kelce brothers last night in the NFL Monday nighter. The Greg Morgan Morning Show

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 November 21, 2023  17m