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Episode 28 – Monitoring Kids Access and Keeping Them Safe

Tamrah Barber is a happily married wife, mother of five extraordinary kids, a seasoned business professional, a passionate business owner, a transformational coach, teen interventionist, and empowering and motivational speaker!

Business & Professional Coaching. With over 20 years in IT and business along with extensive leadership development and personal effectiveness training, Tamrah has coached business leaders across the industry. Her niche is business development, managing the pursuit process end-to-end, and preparing pursuit teams for client-facing orals presentations.

Community Service. Working her way up through the corporate ranks, from an administrative assistant to an IT professional while raising five beautiful children, did not stop her from giving back to youth in the community. In addition to her corporate services, Tamrah is on a mission to empower youth to be impactful leaders in the world. She is President of Extreme Teen Leaders, an organization she designed from the ground up that provides creative programs to youth in the community that include leadership & personal effectiveness, mentoring, sports, music & arts, and math & science.

Youth Program Development. She has developed programs and activities for youth for over 20 years, and her children are her greatest testimony to what God can do when you stay focused and never give up. Tamrah completed her bachelors’ degree at University of Maryland University College in 2006, and is a strong proponent on education. She is also a certified coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

When asked how she does it all, she simply states…

“You would be surprised what the human spirit can accomplish once you have truly committed to a thing, and refuse to make excuses or settle for something other than what you committed to. If it is to be, it is up to me.”
Through discipline, integrity, responsibility, enrollment, commitment, and teamwork teens are empowered to accomplish the extraordinary and are held to a higher standard she knows they are capable of achieving.

Tamrah talked about how she was able to communicate with the kids on their level by understanding their lingo. There was also a time when her son was communicating with a young girl in a way that was not appropriate and decided the best way to deal with it was to have an intervention of sorts with her son and her daughters. This allowed him to hear how his sisters would feel about the comments he was making and to reevaluate the situation but from the thought of how he would feel if other boys were talking to his sisters in that way. This was a powerful lesson for the whole family.


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