Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie

Sydney radio’s Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli are joined on Nova 96.9 in breakfast and nationally from 6pm by one of Australia’s most loved personalities, Kate Ritchie. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL  – at their own expense. No matter what the topic, the team will have their own unique take on it. The trio will hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind.


These Are The Most Shocking Babysitting Horror Stories

We’ve all got them, whether you’re the babysitter or the parent. From eating the food in the fridge you’re not meant to, or finding out they’ve had their boyfriend over – we go through the best nightmare stories of babysitting.  

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 November 29, 2023  10m