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MGoRadio 2.4: A Cheese Called Dave

1 hour 39 minutes

This was recorded before a live retail audience at Moe Sport Shops, 711 North University. Come by every Friday before a game to partake. For Homecoming we’re going to do it at the new Bo Store!

Special guests this week: Steve Lorenz of 247 sports, author John U. Bacon, who will have the afterword to Endzone very soon, Moe’s co-owner Rishi Narayan, and Liz Marek from Think Pink Go Blue with a word about Ann Arbor businesses’ work for breast cancer awareness month.


A big thanks to our sponsors. The show is presented by UGP& Moe's and frankly would not be happening without them; Rishi and company have been on board here from almost the beginning. Shopping with them helps us and supports good dudes. Check out their new Bo Store on Main.

Our other sponsors are also key in the expanding empire: thanks to Homesure Lending, Ann Arbor Elder Law,Liz Crowe, the Residence Inn Ann Arbor Downtown, the University of Michigan Alumni Association, Michigan Law Grad,Defensive Drivers Group, and Tailgater Concierge, who’s throwing us a tailgate tomorrow at 1300 S. Main (across the street from the stadium) to benefit Marlin Jackson’s Fight for Life Foundation.


1a. Upon Further Review Recap

starts at 1:00

Penn State is pretty bad. Let’s talk to Steve!

1b. Across the Crooked Blue Line, with Steve Lorenz

starts at 10:15

Big recruiting weekend with a lot of top targets and most of the commits in town. May not result in instant commits but should move the needle and set them up for a good finish in February. Michigan hopes to flip two Don Brown guys, a BC commit with similar measurables to Luigi Vilain and a Khaleke Hudson-ish SAM who was committed to Penn State.

3. After Endzone, with John U. Bacon

starts at 34:56

He’s not Dave, for one. Neither is Ace. Also our very visual podcast discusses what happens to Brian’s hair when he puts a headset on. ALSO Bacon discusses how Les Miles was viewed inside Schembechler Hall under various administrations, and reveals Harbaugh’s plans to maybe explore an NFL job after he’s dead.

4. Gimmicky Top Five: Favorite Cheeses

starts at 1:03:11

Brian insisted. With special guest Rishi Narayan, co-owner of UGP and Moe’s.

5. Wisconsin Preview and Think Pink

starts at 1:14:54

The Legend of Three Sack Jack is told. Michigan faces the linebacker version of its own defensive line—minus their Glasgow—and a very good secondary so it might take some shenanigans to move the ball against them. But their offense isn’t nearly as scary.

Also Liz Marek joined us to talk about what Ann Arbor businesses are doing for Breast Cancer Awareness.


"Seas of Cheese"—Primus
"Hip Hop Saved My Life"—Lupe Fiasco
"Where'd the Cheese Go"—Ween
"Across 110th Street"

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 2016-10-01  1h40m