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MGoPodcast 8.3: Omnidirectional Combustion

[Patrick Barron]


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Special Teams

starts at 0:57

Colorado’s punt team is confused, porous. Peppers was gonna get one. Kenny Allen had a no good, very bad, Desmond Morgan vs. Minnesota day. Illegal pro-style punt formation. Pro style punting sucked because it always does. Brian talks about ND-MSU game theory.


starts at 14:56

As one-yard touchdowns go, Isaac’s one-yard one was pretty impressive. Newsome is super agile and coming along. Speight had some really bad throws, Navarreian speed. The five-TE/O’Korn dive was confusing. Brian reviews the fans in his section.


starts at 36:11

Horrendous until they were themselves. RPO slant killed them; safeties need to start wrecking those guys before Ohio State. Don Brown learning curve: how prepared are these guys? Dymonte Thomas had a no good, very bad, Desmond Morgan vs. Minnesota day. Sefo Liufau had the opposite of that until the DL figured out how to murder him. Spaces between comments, ribs get filled by Rashan Gary. Jabrill Peppers explodes, should always be in space.

Talking Big Ten w/ Jamie Mac

starts at 55:34

Which is the Big Ten team? Big win for Bill Connelly, who gets a week off from Iowa fans upset that his numbers don’t like them. Georgia State is another team you should never schedule but that doesn’t explain Wisconsin’s offense sputtering out against a new Sun Belt team. Illinois had 3 rushing yards vs a MAC team and this was totally expected. Chris Ash Era is all about storming back from three scores down to Howard and the lesser team from New Mexico. Ohio State concern, Michigan State respect. Brian threatens corporeal punishment.


“Start from Scratch”—Galactic
“The Arrow Killed the Beast”—Heartless Bastards
“Dance Slow Decades”—Angel Olsen
“Across 110th Street”

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 2016-09-19  1h26m