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MGoRadio 2.1: Scott Frost's Mom

Notably missing: a sound guy. If you are one, hit us up.

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This time we actually broadcasted live from inside Moe Sport Shops on North University. Don't try to listen to that because we were still learning to use our equipment.

That Went [Hawaii Caveat] Rather Well (0:22)

The football happened. It was good. What can we learn from this? Stribling did better than we thought. This eventually devolves into awful things you can do to UCF.

Inside the Crooked Blue Line, with Steve Lorenz of 247 (26:50)

Takes on decommits are … because nobody really expected some of those guys to stick. Also sometimes people take visits just to visit. Nebraska fans are mad at Steve because of this.

Gimmicky Top Five: 20 Year Old Grudges (55:00)

Things that make us angry even now and which have even more relevance to Saturday than what a Nebraska quarterback and his family members wrote to the Wolverine. Brian tells a Challenger joke.

KNIGHTRO and the Knights of the Golden Atrociousness (1:08)

A mid-major version of last year's Maryland team, complete with ominous weather report and perhaps worse passing?

  • Across 110th Street
  • "Peel Me a Grape"—Diana Krall
  • "Mmmbop"—Hanson.*
  • "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)"—Steve Harley


* [I asked Brian if he lost a bet to a time-traveling 12-year old and he didn't respond so…]

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 2016-09-10  1h23m