Stories From Skid Row

"Stories From Skid Row" gives listeners an opportunity to hear first-hand testimonies from those who are experiencing homelessness, as well as staff and friends of Union Rescue Mission. These episodes provide a glimpse into the issues surrounding homelessness and the work being done to combat this serious problem in Los Angeles.


Ep. 90: Michael H

In the 80s, Michael was addicted to crack and wanted to reunite with his family. A friend brought him to Union Rescue Mission for something to eat and joined the program to get his life back. He stayed for two months, then ended up back on drugs. When he came back more than 10 years later, he embraced the program and graduated. He got a job at Universal Studios and driving limos. In 2007, he lost everything again. Hear how Michael got his life back again.

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 2016-05-13  24m