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Political Party with Keli Goff: Divided States of America?

This election cycle, in between the sound bites and play-by-play reporting on the campaign trail, WNYC also wants to dig deep into the ideas and people shaping our political landscape.

So every month from now until November, we’ll be bringing you “Political Party with Keli Goff,” a series of conversations taped with a live audience in The Greene Space, WNYC’s street-level broadcast studio in Soho.

Expect Daily Beast columnist Keli Goff and her guests to have lively, unpredictable, but always civil conversations about the forces at work in politics and what influences voters in 2016.

In March, Goff delved into whether the U.S. is more partisan, divided and polarized than ever before with a panel of experts, including former Rep. Rick Lazio, R-New York, Republican activist Margaret Hoover, political scientist Samuel Abrams and Southern Poverty Law Center's Mark Potok. They explored how the nation's cultural and demographic shifts are impacting partisanship, the rise of social media, whether Ronald Reagan could win the presidential elections in 2016 and why it is increasingly less common for politicians on the left and the right to be friends.

Watch the full video of the live conversation, recorded at The Greene Space on Feb. 23.


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 March 20, 2016  36m