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TWiT 585: I Can't Wait Till 2021

A massive botnet of IoT devices took down Dyne DNS, knocking several major US websites off line in a DDOS attack Friday. Hackers were able to break into John Podesta and Colin Powell's Gmail accounts via a simple phishing scheme. Both Microsoft and Apple will hold events next week announcing new hardware - rumors predict an all-in-one Surface PC and new MacBook Pro laptops, respectively. Google's Pixel phones are out, and with Samsung damaged by Note 7 explosions, their timing couldn't be better. AT&T acquires Time-Warner. And Tesla announces full self-driving hardware will be in all new Tesla cars.

• David Pogue says that Friday's DDOS attack is just the beginning, and we have almost no ability to protect against the next attack.

• Steve Kovach lost sleep over the AT&T - Time-Warner merger - he says the deal was rushed to stay ahead of rumor.

• Leo says there are only two flagship phones anyone should buy now - the iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel.

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 2016-10-24  2h13m