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Episode 29 – Supportive Communities For Caregivers

All the love and support that we get when we have these cute little babies, seems to wither away as they get older. There isn’t a lot of help to transition from being a caregiver of a child to that of a young adult. Nevermind, figuring out how to be a caregiver to an adult!

Today I talk about the importance of creating a supportive community where everyone can come to lift each other up. As a community, we need to come together to help each other influence our children, to supportively encourage each other!

Let’s stop blaming each other and start working together. Build each other up rather that tear each other apart.

These next phases will change our relationships with our kids in ways we have yet to understand, but together we can find new and exciting ways to not only get through it but to thrive in these new relationships as well.

I encourage you to find a place where you can be supported in your journey to influence and support your young people. Get the help you need, to get through these strange times ahead!

We are creating a community just like this, and I invite you to check us out. If you are looking for a place where you can let it all fly… ask for assistance and offer help to others, then this is the place for you! Let’s help and encourage each other to do our best, learn from one another and do better tomorrow!

Click on this link if you are interested in checking it out:

The time that we have with our children is precious and it is fleeting, as it is with every relationship. We are all here to teach them the lessons that they need to make it in this world. Together as a community we can join forces and help each other out!

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 2016-10-25  16m