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Episode 21: How One Pet Lover Took Her Passion For Pets and United An Entire State with Woofalong

In this episode of “Bella In Your Business”, Bella talks with Darcy Graham,  creator of The site, which shows you the dog-friendly restaurants, stores, parks, trails and events in Colorado, was launched earlier this year and is already looking to expand.
Bella and Darcy discuss:

The frustration that was the impetus for the site.
How Darcy compiled the list of locations.
What types of publicity Darcy has managed to get for the site already and how she did it.
The engagements her site has gathered so far and how she has gotten it to grow.
Her extensive use of social media.
What she has planned for the upcoming version 2 of the site.
The plans for expansion to other cities.
The potential opportunities on WOOFALONG.COM for business owners.

You can find more information about WOOFALONG.COM at, where else,
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 2016-10-27  21m