The Golden Age of Radio, also known as the old-time radio era, was an era of radio programming in which radio was the dominant electronic home entertainment medium. It began with the birth of commercial radio broadcasting in the early 1920s and lasted through the 1960s, when television gradually superseded radio as the medium of choice for scripted programming, variety and dramatic shows.


Son Of Porthos AUS 50-xx-xx 49 of 52 (episode 49 download)

The Australian radio serial The Son of Porthos.

  • Produced: 1950 by George Edwards Production
  • Based on: A story by Alexandre Dumas (pen name for Paul Mahalin)
  • Sequel to: "The Man in the Iron Mask"
  • Length: 52 episodes
  • Genre: Adventure, Romance, Drama
Plot:The story follows Joel, the son of the Musketeer Porthos, as he embarks on his own adventures in 17th-century France. He encounters intrigue, romance, and danger along the way, forming his own band of loyal companions and upholding the legacy of his father.Popularity:The serial was quite popular in Australia during its time, capturing the imagination of listeners with its swashbuckling action, memorable characters, and classic Dumas-esque themes.

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