Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray

Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray are BACK for another season of Let's Go! Enjoy in-depth, insightful, and introspective one-on-one conversations with each of these future HOF football players. They'll discuss trending stories from on and off the football field and share stories from their personal life.



episode 24: Week 23 – Steve Young and John Elway

Tom and Jim welcome Hall of Famer Steve Young to discuss Tom’s golf game at Pebble Beach, what championship football looks like, and why Tom picked Steve as his sports hero. Then, the great John Elway sits with Jim and Larry to talk about the Chiefs playing their best football, his iconic “helicopter” play, and what could’ve been if John hadn’t left football when he did.

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 February 6, 2024  32m