What a Hell of a Way to Die

What a Hell of a Way to Die is a left-wing military and veteran podcast hosted by Nate and Francis, two extremely online combat veterans. Join us to hear discussion of veterans issues, defense news, and military culture — all from a lefty perspective.



Hell of a News Roundup: The Second Amendment now covers nuclear capable ballistics

This week on the show, Francis covers the privitization of Army Barracks, Lt Colonels who need to be fired into the sun (all of them), and the second amendment allowing a man to keep a cold war era, Nuclear capable rocket

For the media, we're talking Underwater action thrillers and Attack on Titan

Interview with Taylor regarding the crushed submersible - https://www.hellofawaytodie.com/podcast/episode/4407e758/06839453-leagues-under-the-sea 

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 February 7, 2024  55m