A monthly podcast exploring the relationship between technology and power, by Luiza Prado and Zara Rahman.


Episode 1: Seeds

Episode 1 of Collusion: Seeds, technology, and power. In this first full episode of Collusion, we explore how control of seeds affected societies past, present and future. We start by looking at the cinchona tree, and how the cure for malaria- first discovered by the Quechua people- played a key role in facilitating the role of colonialists around the world. Then, we discuss biopiracy and bioprospecting, and community responses, and finally, the role of big seed companies in "seed laws" and privatisation of seeds in poorer countries. Papers and links we found while researching this episode can be found on our Tumblr, You can subscribe here for future episodes: on iTunes: And for non-iTunes users, here's the RSS feed: Cover image credit:

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 May 6, 2015  26m