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episode 22655: MacVoices #24057: Twinkly Adds New Options To Their Decorative Light Selection

At CES in Las Vegas, we talked to Andrea Tellatin, Co-Founder and CEO of Twinkly, about the latest additions to their many options for addressable lights. Best known for their holiday options, they are introducing a broader range of options at accessible price points for a wider range of uses. Andrea shows off the new Candies string lights and the Matrix Light Curtain as examples of their broader product range, both of which are customizable via the built-in addressable function. 

Show Notes:


Twinkly Matrix Light Curtain

Twinkly Candies App-Controlled Pearl-Shaped LED Light String

Twinkly Candies App-Controlled Candle-Shaped LED Light String


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 February 15, 2024  9m