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The USA Volleyball Show is the official podcast of USA Volleyball. Come along with hosts Clarence Hughes and Stephen Munson as they go behind the scenes with some of the biggest names and go to the biggest events in the sport of volleyball. Welcome to The USA Volleyball Show, the official podcast of USA Volleyball.


episode 85: Episode 85: Climbing the Sand Hill featuring Andy Benesh and Miles Partain

In this episode, we have guest host Sevrin Lavenstein joining Clarence and they sit down with the current top U.S. Beach National Team men's pair, Andy Benesh and Miles Partain (11:27 - 1:04:32). We get an in-depth look at this awesome beach team. We learn about how Andy and Miles became a team, how they were introduced to the National Team and what they do and are eating on a cheat day. They chat about the 2023 season, their goals for 2024, what it would mean to qualify for the Olympics and so much more! It was a treat to sit down with these two and learn more about them. We can't wait to see them back out on the sand this season! Enjoy!

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 February 21, 2024  1h13m