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Making shell history magical with Atuin

Today we speak with Ellie Huxtable, the creator of a magical open source tool for syncing, searching & backing up your shell history. Along the way we learn all about the sync service, why she likes Rust, the branding / marketing of the project, how she quit her job to work on it full time, the business model & so much more.

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  • Synadia – Take NATS to the next level via a global, multi-cloud, multi-geo and extensible service, fully managed by Synadia. They take care of all the infrastructure, management, monitoring, and maintenance for you so you can focus on building exceptional distributed applications.
  • imgproxy – imgproxy is open source an optimizes images for the web on the fly. It makes websites and apps blazing fast while saving storage and SaaS costs. It uses the world’s fastest image processing library under the hood — libvips. It is screaming fast and has a tiny memory footprint.
  • – The home of — Deploy your apps and databases close to your users. In minutes you can run your Ruby, Go, Node, Deno, Python, or Elixir app (and databases!) all over the world. No ops required. Learn more at and check out the speedrun in their docs.


  • Ellie Huxtable – Mastodon, Twitter, Website
  • Adam Stacoviak – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Website
  • Jerod Santo – Mastodon, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn

Show Notes:

  • Atuin
  • Efficient Linux at the CLI with Daniel J. Barrett (Changelog Interviews #547)
  • Here’s how to quickly navigate your shell’s history of commands
  • RVM and Ruby Version Managment with Michal Papis (Changelog Interviews #102)
  • thoughtbot/rcm: rc file (dotfile) management
  • ivaaaan/smug: Session manager and task runner for tmux
  • RVM
  • Wayne Seguin
  • RVM and BDSM (Changelog Interviews #66)

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