I Brew My Own Coffee

A podcast for people who care about coffee. Hosted by Brian Beyke & Bryan Schiele.



episode 28: Episode 28 - Social Media with Jenn Chen

We're very excited to welcome the wonderful Jenn Chen to the show to chat about coffee and social media. Jenn is a freelance coffee marketer, the digital marketing manager for acaia, as well as a talented photographer, writer, and donut connoisseur.

What We're Drinking

  • Jenn Chen: Kenya Kaigwandi from Greenway Coffee on the Chemex, V60, Bonmac, and Clever
  • Bryan Schiele: Kenya AB Githima from Steadfast Coffee on the Chemex
  • Brian Beyke: Ethiopia Derar Ela from Presta Coffee on the GINO Dripper


  • acaia Coffee Scale
  • Primary app
  • Latergram

About Jenn Chen:

  • Freelance Coffee Marketer, Writer & Photographer
  • Digital Marketing Manager at acaia
  • Visit Jenn's website at: jennchen.com
  • Follow Jenn on Instagram or Twitter


 2015-11-19  46m