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episode 23: Episode 23 - Describing Coffee with Seth Mills

On this episode we're joined by Seth Mills, director of coffee at Mistobox Coffee, as we discuss tasting and describing coffee. Whether you're a roaster, a coffee enthusiast, or you're new to coffee, we'll cover some practical tips that will help you refine your flavor note vocabulary and even help explain what factors impact a coffee's taste to begin with.

What We're Drinking

  • Brian Beyke: Ethiopia Gedeb from Goshen Coffee on the V60 and Espresso
  • Seth Mills: Ethiopia Guji Uraga from Huckleberry Roasters on the Gino Dripper
  • Bryan Schiele: Ethiopia Guji Special Prep from Portola Coffee Lab on the Chemex

Show Notes

  • notNeutral
  • notNeutral Gino Dripper
  • 8 Steps to Develop Your Coffee Palate by James Hoffman
  • How to Taste Coffee
  • Counter Culture Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel
  • Develop Your Palate by Coffee Kind
  • Teaching to Taste by Sweet Maria's
  • A Well Rounded Palate by Beth Ann Caspersen
  • 33 Coffees Journal

About Seth Mills:

  • Director of Coffee at Mistobox Coffee
  • Follow Seth on Instagram or Twitter


 2015-09-10  1h1m