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episode 21: Episode 21 - Manual Brewing with Steve Rhinehart - Part 2

We're pleased to have Steve Rhinehart, the brand lead for Prima Coffee, back again this week in Part 2 of our discussion about getting started with manual brewing. We're talking about grinders, scales, kettles and other devices you might want to pick up, at varying price points, to get started in manual brewing at home.

Hand Grinders

  • Budget - Hario Skerton, Hario Mini Mill Slim
  • Medium - Top End - Knock Feldgrind, Orphan Espresso Lido 3

Electric Grinders

  • Budget - Capresso Infinity, Bodum Bistro, Baratza Encore
  • Medium - Baratza Virtuoso, Baratza Preciso, Breville Smart Grinder
  • Top End - Mahlkoenig EK43, Baratza Forte BG, Baratza Vario


  • Budget - AWS AMW-SC-2KG
  • Medium - Brewista, Hario VST-2000B, Jennings CJ4000
  • Top End - Acaia Pearl


  • Budget - Level Kettle, BonaVita Stovetop, Hario Buono
  • Medium - Bonavita Variable Temp, Hario Buono Electric
  • Top End - Copper Buono, Monarch Methods


  • Budget - Digital Thermometers
  • Medium - ThermoPop
  • Top End - Thermapen

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  • Steve's Burr Grinder Basics Article
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  • Prima Holiday Guide
  • Able Brewing

About Steve Rhinehart:

  • Brand Lead for Prima Coffee
  • Occasional barista for Quills Coffee
  • Follow Steve on Instagram or Twitter


 2015-08-20  57m