I Brew My Own Coffee

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episode 20: Episode 20 - Manual Brewing with Steve Rhinehart - Part 1

We're pleased to have Steve Rhinehart, the brand lead for Prima Coffee, joining us on the show to talk about getting started with manual brewing. We begin this 2-part series by covering some of our favorite recommended manual brewing devices to folks getting started. Next week we'll continue the discussion with Steve talking about the variety of other products at varying price points someone might need in addition to a brewing device.

What We're Drinking

  • Brian Beyke: El Salvador Jose Antonio Salverria from Jacobsen & Svart on the AeroPress
  • Steve Rhinehart: Gamut Espresso from Chromatic Coffee on the Slayer
  • Bryan Schiele: Kenya Karinga AB from Mountain Air on the V60

Show Notes

  • Prima Coffee
  • Clever Coffee Dripper
  • Kalita Wave
  • Chemex
  • AeroPress

About Steve Rhinehart:

  • Brand Lead for Prima Coffee
  • Occasional barista for Quills Coffee
  • Follow Steve on Instagram or Twitter


 2015-08-13  46m