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Role Playing Public Radio presents a weekly Actual Play podcast of tabletop role playing game sessions. We play a wide variety of RPGs, from popular classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Call of Cthulhu to indie hits like Red Markets and Fate. Some of our episodes are stand-alone scenarios and we also feature ongoing campaigns in games like Delta Green, Eclipse Phase, and Base Raiders. Give us a listen if you want to hear a great gaming crew fight evil, try outrageous plans to save the day and joke about it.



Savage Worlds: Rifts – Symphony of the End – Episode 6

The Tomorrow Legion muse squad heads into the Vaporwave Realm to gain crucial intel. Three Coalition mind melters are assaulting the realm. The team has to help vapor dolphins, navigate the vapor maze and save vapor Tokyo from a kaiju! Can they save Vaporwave?
Tom as Steve the Grackle Tooth Mercenary
Jason as Vance Hellspring, psi-stalker
Dan as Daryl the Mystic

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 February 29, 2024  1h52m