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Episode 30 – Connecting With Your Child Through Photography

Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a family photographer turned photography coach for parents and the founder of Photosanity ( Alethea helps parents find joy and connection through photographing their kids. Born and brought up in the UK, Alethea lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her two sons, Liam, age 7, and Jack, age 4. She has taught workshops at the Apple Store, Brooklyn Baby Expo, Brooklyn Babybites (now Mommybites) and online through Photosanity and other platforms. She has been interviewed on 1010WINS and featured in The Daily Mail, Cool Mom Picks, Apartment Therapy, Ask Moxie and Mom365.

Wanting to capture the moments and having those memories are only one part of the experience for Alethea. She has found that photographing her children has helped her get the most out of her experience as a parent, and it helped her be more present with her kids,

Alethea has noticed that parents struggle with taking photos of their kids, and it is like they are stuck between capturing the moment and experiencing the moment with their kids. Alethea loves to flip that around for parents so that the camera can bring you more into the moment, which allows you to be more present.

With today’s technology, most of us are carrying around a phone in our pockets. You may have not intentionally purchased your mobile device as a camera, but it is just one of the many benefits of your mobile device offers you.

One great takeaway that Alethea left us with, is the idea that you are looking for the moments, rather than trying to create them.

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