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FOF #2411 – Who’s that Hot Guy Peaches Christ? – 10.28.16

A demonic hand lights up Peaches Christ’s cigarette. Photo: David Ayllon.

Our ghoulish gal pal Peaches Christ has impeccable taste. For her shows, she casts some extraordinary drag queens and hunky performers, which always leaves us thirsty asking “who is that hot guy in your show Peaches Christ?

Professional rower Matthew Lister with Jinkx Monsoon and Peaches Christ. Photo: Matthew James Lister.

One guy that’s pique turned our interest is professional rower Matthew Lister, who Peaches managed to get into Return to Grey Gardens with Jinkx Monsoon after asking him on his sexy Instagram account.

Today, Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at some spooky stories of death, drag shows gone terribly wrong, and what to expect in her new parody of the movie Beetlejuice, called Sheetlejuice starring Bianca Del Rio.

Bianca Del Rio channeling Michael Keaton’s iconic look in Sheetlejuice. Photo courtesy of Peaches Christ.


A brief her-story of drag queen makeup from the Middle ages to today.

The highest grossing horror film franchises of all time.

Is the ghost of Walt Disney haunting Disneyland after the park closes?

Rest in peace Vine, Twitter shuts down the 6 second video sharing app.


 2016-10-28  1h21m