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Ep. 22 - David Levy

David Levy, aka Vyle Art, has nearly 15 plus years of industry experience working on multiple large title films and video games as a leading international concept artist.   David originally began his studies in industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands.  Since then, David has used his masterful skills to contribute to such game projects as Prince of Persia 3 and Assassin's Creed, while also working on films like Tron Legacy, The Thing, Prometheus, and Ender's Game.    Building his career in various stages, David has taken many risks and continuously pushed himself to get the most out of himself and his work.  With big risks, comes big rewards. Davids work - ---------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe on iTunes: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ---------------------------------------------------------- SHOW NOTES: Ben Procter: The Futurist: Jean Giraud: Vitaly Bulgarov: H. R. Giger: ScriptShadow: Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography: Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:


 2013-10-21  1h54m