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This is a podcast about tech in Berlin. Hosted by Tam Eastley and Bodo Tasche


Episode 8 - FrauenLoop

Teaching newcomers to code Teaching newcomers to code

FrauenLoop is an organization that joins asylum seekers together with European women and teaches them how to code over a nine month period.

But FrauenLoop isn't a bootcamp. For many of the students, FrauenLoop represents a safe space where one's background doesn't matter. On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, software development is demystified and made tangible with the help of a small, but dedicated group of volunteers. Faced with an opportunity to re-invent themselves professionally, the women are introduced to the tools that are needed for today's tech jobs as well as undergoing cultural and social training for when they decide they are ready to (re)enter the job market.

In this episode, we sat down with Dr. Nakeema Stefflbauer, founder of FrauenLoop, as well as with two students, Abeer and Oana, and learned all about the difference and impact FrauenLoop is making in the lives of everyone involved.

  • FrauenLoop
  • Music is Trail by Nobara Hayakawa under CC
  • FrauenLoop picture by Adlan Mansri
  • Nov 24: CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap at Asta Kultur at HTW Berlin
  • Nov 25 - 27: FiffCon at TU Berlin in the Mathegebäude


 2016-11-22  55m