Work in Progress

Behind every working human, there’s a story. Work in Progress is a new show about the meaning and identity we find in work. Each week, hear stories of personal ambition and debilitating insecurities, great successes and abject failures, the plans we make and the luck that…happens. Hosted by Dan Misener, produced by Slack. Follow along @slackstories or


episode 7: Silence is a Virtue

Sometimes the most profound things we say and do at work happen when we don’t say anything at all. This week: A librarian's shushing earns her superhero status and a young hospital chaplain learns that sitting in silence brings great comfort to ailing, ageing patients. Follow along at and @slackstories.

•This episode also features back-to-basics magazine publisher Dance Studio Life whose mission is to be at the forefront of dance and education.


 2016-11-28  26m