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1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back: EU Copyright Reform

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro Host Polina Malaja
in Berlin Guest Dimi
in Brussels Guest Julia Reda
Audio from 31C3 (2014) Guest

(Episode 42)  Today on the podcast we’re looking at the copyright reform that is being proposed by the EU commission. Of course even as I say those words, I can hear some of you clicking off, or saving this for later even if later will never come. Copyright is one of those things – it hits us in so many ways, everyday, yet often the discussions and specifics cause us to get bored or lost… amazingly something that matters so much is really hard to get excited about. But we’re daring to tackle the important on this program, with help from three voices – Polina Malaja of the Free Software Foundation Europe, Dimitar Dimitrov of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU, and Julia Reda, German Member of the European Parliament.

Our goal.. to look at the proposed changes to copyright in the EU and break down the who, what, and how… even some of the why. Because in the end.. these changes would impact every single one of us.


 2016-11-30  32m