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LOCKED ON LAKERS -- 12/2/16 -- Do the Lakers have enough young talent?

The Lakers find themselves well ahead of schedule in terms of team-wide development, which has obviously been great for fans, but might not be great for their hopes of keeping their first round pick this year. So, Anthony welcomed Sean Woodrey of Raptors HQ to talk about that very topic. Harrison (staring warmly into Ivica Zubac’s eyes) was out for this one. Then, Anthony and Sean found themselves talking about how important it is to enjoy the building process, even if it might not lead to a title. For whatever reason, sports fans have bought into a “title or bust” mentality, which vastly more often than not will lead to disappointment at the end of every season. Raptors fans are enjoying their team, so why shouldn’t Lakers fans do the same with this young core, regardless of how it all turns out? That and plenty more in a free-flowing episode of Locked on Lakers.

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 2016-12-02  41m