The History of Personal Computing

The History of Personal Computing podcast is your biweekly virtual guide in both audio and on the web to the history and development of arguably the single most important technological advancement of the last forty years - the personal computer. But, just what is a personal computer these days, well, that’s just it, it continues to evolve. We’ll be going over the significant devices one by one.


Episode 53 – The IBM 5150

IBM 5150 PC

What… didn’t we already talk about the IBM 5150 in an eBay episode? Yes we did. But we left it off of the timeline during the original show format after the transition to the eBay only format. Since then, there was some behind the scenes work, Westworld style, to get a couple of “hosts” together to continue the original show format. From this, Todd George came to fruition and is now co-hosting the original format with Jeff Salzman. This is Episode 53, even though it is the first new, old format episode. All future episodes of The History of Personal Computing, regardless of format, will be numbered in a single sequence. Still stumbling through the post-editing process (David had edited the other format), the audio sounds as best as can be from Jeff’s poor quality sources. Todd did a wonderful job at cleaning up the sound. So here it is in all its gory… err, glory. Todd and Jeff promise to get their act together LONG before MS-DOS 9.0 comes to market!

Enjoy the show!

Link(s) mentioned in the show:

  • 8088 MPH IBM CGA Demo



 2016-12-07  45m