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Episode 32 – How to manage technology access based on educational vs recreational uses

Stefanie Noland has 20 years experience of passionately advocating for and supporting individuals with differences and disabilities in community settings. Stefanie’s life passion of holistic health is based on her personal experiences as a child, young adult, provider, and mother. Stefanie is bringing her personal and professional challenges together to assist others in using scientifically proven holistic solutions to make their lives better.

Stephanie and her husband made the choice to homeschool their children this year so that they could focus on some of the things that their children were not getting from the public school system. As a parent sometimes our biggest challenge is to understand our kids well enough to make choices that will benefit them the most.

Both Stefanie and her husband are very firm in regards to the rules around technology. This is due to their study of behaviour analysis and their understanding of the games and the creators of the games. The games are designed to engage you based on your behaviour. The rules that they have implemented are that they must do some work, whether that is chores or school work, or something extra that isn’t normally on the chore list so that they put in some effort before they get screen time. When they do tasks to access the screen time it is timed. The children are aware of the time that they have earned before they get access to the technology.

They do use technology for educational uses, and they know that they can ask for educational screen time which is treated differently than game time. Her children have been taught the difference between what is educational and what is recreational when it comes to their technology access.

We talked about violence and sexual content in the media that is available to our children. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of conversations with kids about the situations that they are being exposed to. Stefanie does not like the violence that she has come across in some of the media that she has been exposed to, and even while in college her friends would warn her about movies that she would not want to see.

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