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episode 51: Episode 51 - Third Wave Water

We’ve been talking about talking about water for a while, but we’re excited to start a discussion on the topic with Taylor Minor and Charles Nick of Third Wave Water. We talk about the importance of water for brewing, regional water preferences, and how their product can help equalize such an important factor like water. What We're Drinking

  • Charles Nick: Costa Rica La Loma from One Line Coffee
  • Taylor Minor: Kenya Windbrush AB from Telemetry Coffee
  • Brian Beyke: Ethiopia Aricha from Tandem Coffee
  • Bryan Schiele: Colombia Alto de La Cruz from Penrose Coffee
  • Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood — Water chemistry and its impact on coffee flavour
  • Water for Coffee Book
  • La Marzocco Water Article
  • Sprudge: Why Do Food Media Elites Hate Third Wave Water?
  • Daily Coffee News: Third Wave Water Aims to Float All Boats For Quality, Consistency
  • Barista Hustle: Juliette Water Recipe
  • Gear Patrol: Third Wave Water Is Here to Improve Your Morning Coffee
  • Eater: Third Wave Water Is Here, So the End Must Be Nigh
  • Independent: Third Wave Water: How hipsters finally ruined coffee
  • Food & Wine: Can Tiny Capsules Make Your Coffee Taste Better?
  • Thrillist: Enhance Your Hipster Coffee with $10 Third Wave Water
  • Refinery29: Third-Wave Water Arrives, Coffee Snobbery Has Peaked
  • TheBlaze: Commentary: Hipsters manage to ruin coffee
  • 5 Senses 70/30
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 2017-01-12  1h2m