The History of Personal Computing

The History of Personal Computing podcast is your biweekly virtual guide in both audio and on the web to the history and development of arguably the single most important technological advancement of the last forty years - the personal computer. But, just what is a personal computer these days, well, that’s just it, it continues to evolve. We’ll be going over the significant devices one by one.


Episode 56 – First Computers, Part 2

David and Jeff continue to look back on the earlier times of computer retail by relating their experiences with their own history of ownership of personal computers.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • The Amiga Years

Jeff’s fifth computer:

  • Toshiba T1000 (SE???)
    • This old tech: The Toshiba T1000 was my first step into the world of MS-DOS

David’s fifth computer:

  • Macintosh Performa 6200

Jeff’s sixth computer:

  • 386 in a “boring beige box”
    • Boring Beige Box podcast

David’s sixth computer:

  • Macintosh Performa 6400

Jeff’s seventh computer:

  • IBM 486slc2 66MHz motherboard

David’s seventh computer:

  • 1999 350MHz Blueberry iMac
    • Which iMac Is It? Low End Mac’s Guide to Differentiating G3 iMacs

Jeff’s eighth computer:

  • IBM Thinkpad (750?) with Docking Station II
    • Google Magazine excerpt depicting Thinkpad 750
    • IBM Docking Station II

David’s eighth computer:

  • Zenith MiniSport Sub-Notebook Computer


 2017-01-22  1h17m