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Economic Rockstar is created for you, the economist, financial analyst, teacher or student. If you are looking to expand your knowledge or awareness, Frank Conway delivers the information you just don't want to miss. Economic Rockstar brings to you each week an economist, financial analyst or business leader who shares their experiences, research interests or ideas. Hear their views on different schools of economic thinking - Chicago, Austrian, Keynesian and Classical, behavioral economics, stock markets, and how economics and finance can be used in our lives. Economic Rockstar interviews top-level lecturers and academics from highly renowned universities, best-selling authors and bloggers, inspirational CEOs and business leaders, as well as amazing and thought-provoking people who have recently discovered economics and finance and are carving out a career in their new-found passion. Guests in each episode gives us wonderful advice, takeaways and insights that will help you become part of the Economic Rockstar community that will be 'Connecting Brilliant Minds in Economics and Finance'.


013: Frank Conway Reviews the Personal Habits and Advice of the Economic Rockstar Guests of 2014

The personal habits and advice of the Economic Rockstar guests of 2014 are highlighted in this epic and exciting episode. I explore each episode and find, what I believe, are invaluable nuggets of information. These may not necessarily be related to economics and finance, but given that it's a New Year, I'd like to share with you their habits and advice. I'll be personally adopting most of these for 2015. I hope that at least one will resonate with you.

Thanks for listening and enjoy. 

The Personal Habits and Advice of the Economic Rockstar Guests of 2014

1) The Importance of Being Mentored

2) Help Others

3) Talk to People

4) Network and Build Your Community

5) Create a Vision and Take Risks

6) Take Responsibilty For Your Actions

7) Give Yourself Permission to Fail and Challenge Yourself

8) Work Hard and Be Disciplined

9) Don't Settle, Choose Adventure and Fulfill Your Potential

10) Be Careful Who You Listen To

11) Read - Education Is Important

12) Laughter Can Help You Learn

13) Pay Yourself First and Clear Your Debts

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 2015-01-01  59m