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005: Hector Avellaneda on Buying Gold to Protect Your Wealth from a Dollar Crisis

Hector Avellaneda is from Houston, Texas and has a passion for entrepreneurship, economics, finance and gold. This, however, only materialized after Hector came face to face with a untold truth and one of the harshest lessons that only a life experience can teach you, as long as you are willing to dig deep in search for answers. Hector, the son of Mexican immigrants to the US, grew up in poverty and was statistically destined to a life of poverty in adulthood. However, Hector wanted to defy this probability and worked extremely hard in school. In typical fashion, Hector accumulated college debt and was ironically facing a poorer life than his own parents despite a larger mean income. Hector questioned the college debt system and deeply explored how US citizens have grown accustomed to taking on such debt. Further research led him to realise that middle-class America could see their wealth wiped out due to an impending dollar crisis. Subsequently, Hector wrote an economics and finance-related book to share his findings and to suggest what you can do to protect your wealth.

Find out:
  • how Hector had all the hallmarks of continuing to live a life of poverty in America.
  • about Hector being bullied in school because of the charitable clothes he wore .
  • how Hectors' father and mother's sense of hard-work and money management became naturally ingrained in him.
  • how Hector defied and beat the statistical odds of remaining poor for life due to a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed.
  • how hard work in school can open up many opportunities in life including an internship with NASA.
  • the importance of being mentored.
  • how easy credit for college education made Hector 's financial position worse off than his parents.
  • what triggered Hector into discovering the truth about the American economy and the college debt system.
  • the risks in the US economy.
  • why the US could be faced with a massive default on student loans and what is triggering this today.
  • how it became acceptable to borrow to pay for college.
  • why Hector's $50,000 student debt became a blessing in disguise.
  • and much more.

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 2014-11-19  47m