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002: Jason Stapleton on Trading Psychology and Why You Shouldn't Listen to Financial News

In the second part of this interview, Jason Stapleton shares with us:

  • his thoughts on Richard Dennis' Turtle Trader Program
  • why you shouldn’t trade and instead give your money to somebody else.
  • why you shouldn’t listen to financial news and what you can do instead to gain a competitive edge.
  • why the markets are not fundamentally driven and what drives the markets instead.
  • why he believes that there is an inherent beauty in price patterns.
  • how being in the Marine Corp provided the discipline required to survive in the markets.

You can check out the shownotes page at:

to find links to the books and resources mentioned by Jason, as well as the links to where you can find him.

Jason Stapleton is one of the founders of Trade Empowered and a managing partner of Harborsite Capital.  Jason hosts the podcast The Live Show. Jason’s heavy focus on trader psychology, along with his in-depth knowledge of advanced technical analysis, gives him the unique opportunity to work with traders of all skills and levels, helping them to achieve a higher level of success and understanding in the foreign exchange market.


 2014-11-14  29m