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ACM 275: Apple’s Oct 16 Media Event, GTAT, and Plastc vs Coin vs Apple Pay

With Apple's October 16 media event a sure thing, Jeff and Bryan have some ideas on what we can expect when Tim Cook and company take the stage next week. They also offer up their thoughts on what's up with GT Advanced Technologies's surprise bankruptcy filing, and debate whether or not Plastc's consolidated credit card device stands a chance against Apple Pay.

  • Apple Sends Out Media Event Invitations for October 16th
  • Apple Sapphire Partner's Bankruptcy Shows It's Hard to Be an Apple Supplier
  • Analyst: Apple Could take GTAT's Sapphire Furnaces
  • Bankruptcy is Just the Beginning of GT Advanced Tech CEO's Headaches
  • Apple Calls GTAT Bankruptcy Decision 'Surprising'
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 2014-10-09  52m