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ACM 270: Apple iCloud Reputation, iPhone NFC, and Drones

Apple has its hands full with managing the fallout from the theft of celebrity photos, and the company is being aggressive to get ahead of the story. Then there's the September 9th media event and growing reports that Apple will—at long last—embrace NFC. Lastly, drones are ever-more capable and ever-more affordable—what will that mean for companies like Apple who work so hard to protect their secrets.

  • Apple: Celebrity Photo Theft Due to Compromised Passwords, Not iCloud Security
  • Apple Fixes iCloud Security Gap, ‘Actively Investigates’ Celeb Photo Theft
  • Apple’s Deal with Major Credit Cards Companies Has Hidden Value
  • Analyst: New iPhones Coming, Maybe an iWatch, too
  • Report Claims iWatch Still in Testing, No Sept 9 Unveiling
  • Apple Lands Digital Wallet Deal with Amex, Visa, MasterCard
  • Apple’s Spaceship Campus through a Drone’s Eye
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 2014-09-03  43m