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episode 231: Daily: Banks are vulnerable to more than carding and transfer fraud. Ransomware updates. Lessons for users from the Three Mobile hack. Biometrics (with hedgehog). Election hacking retrospective.

In today's podcast we hear about the FBI's warning that cash-spewing ATMs could be coming to a strip mall near you, courtesy of the Russian mob. Bad news and good news about ransomware. Another Android backdoor is reported. Exploitable security cameras get a patch. The Conficker worm's still crazy after all these years. Lessons for users from the Three Mobile hack. Biometrics meets the Wind in the Willows? (Fujitsu Biometrics' Derek Northrope provides a reality check.) Palo Alto's Rick Howard discusses the disconnect between the board room and the tech crew. China's new Internet law. And what have Fancy and Cozy Bear been up to? Hibernating?

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 November 22, 2016  16m